Our bodies naturally produce DHEA, an adrenal hormone that provides life rejuvenating properties, but as we age this declines. DHEA can convert to testosterone and other hormones based upon the body’s requirements.

  • Contains Rejuvenating Properties
  • Converts to Testosterone
  • Oestrogen and other Hormones
  • May Help With Memory Enhancement

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Supports life rejuvenation

DHEA & Pregnenolone: An Adrenal formulation to help deliver potential rejuvenating properties for people particularly over 40 years of age.

Why Sublingual Over Oral Administration? The medical community has long known that oral delivery systems are the least efficient way for the body to absorb most substances and intravenous injection the most efficient. Intra-oral sublingual spray delivery systems, with 95% absorption, bypass the gastrointestinal system (like intravenous) allowing nutritional molecules to enter the bloodstream in seconds via highly absorbent mucosal tissue.

After the age of 40 oral bio-availability of a tablet or a capsule diminishes to a fraction of the absorption attainable at age 25. Sadly people over forty years of age have the poorest oral absorption characteristics but need supplement augmentation more so than when they were young. Sublingual delivery systems on the other hand, are limited by two factors, molecular weight and volume of product to be absorbed.

In the case of DHEA and Pregnenolone, these two hormones lend themselves perfectly to the sublingual delivery system.DHEA has been the subject of over 4,000 studies, that have shown that this Adrenal Hormone has life rejuvenating properties for all people above forty years of age. We have the highest levels of DHEA when we are in our early twenties.

As we grow older DHEA levels diminish to 5% by age ninety from our highest levels in youth. DHEA is a Master Hormone that will convert to testosterone, estrogen, and several other necessary hormones based upon individual body requirements. At age 20, when peek levels of DHEA are produced, a man produces 31 mg of DHEA per day, while a woman produces 19 mg of DHEA per Day.

We should not take more DHEA than our maximum production, unless under the care of a health professional. Pregnenolone, another Master Hormone, has shown dramatic memory enhancement properties in recent medical studies. Pregnenolone converts not only into the DHEA branch of hormones, but because the DHEA pathway is already filled, is forced into another hormone pathway that converts to Progesterone and several other needed hormones that DHEA cannot be converted to.


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