CANNA10 CBD oil 10%

  • Safe, Legal, and Scientifically-Backed
  • Premium Gold CO2 Hemp Extract
  • Produced in the UK with Highest Quality Guarantee
  • Reliable, Guaranteed Levels of CBD
  • Extra Benefits from Naturally Occurring Cannabinoids, Flavonoids, and Terpenoids
  • High quality CBD Oil with a pure and clean, fresh peppermint flavour and no unpleasant aftertaste
  • Manufactured in the UK This product is 100% safe and legal to consume, and adheres to all current government legislation.
  • Quality Organic CBD Extract

Whole plant, broad spectrum cannabis extract, produced from organically grown USA hemp. Contains approximately 20 servings. 10ml/1000mg CBD



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Made from organically grown USA hemp, and completely THC free containing whole plant, broad spectrum, cannabis extract that not only contains CBD but also CBC, CBN and CBG cannabinoids ensuring delivery of the ‘The Entourage Effect’ in every drop. The combined consumption of various cannabinoids and terpenes (the natural smells and flavours produced by the cannabis plant and are unique to a particular strain), offers benefits that are superior to taking a single cannabinoid in isolation. The cannabinoids act in harmony with each other – synergistically increasing the overall effect.

Full Quality Guaranteed

Independently laboratory tested, to guarantee the CBD potency, quality and purity, and THC level compliancy l Modern Glass Packaging with Pipette Ensures product stability and a precise, therapeutic dosage.

Convenient Liquid Supplement with Mild Peppermint

Flavour Free from artificial ingredients, this broad-spectrum cannabis extract, is blended with a coconut based MCT oil and a natural peppermint flavour. By using pure coconut based MCT as the carrier oil you are not only achieving your daily dose of CBD but also benefiting from the proven health attributes of coconut oil, not to mention the pleasant taste!

How to take CANNA10 CBD Oil

A few drops are recommended morning and night, increasing to half a pipette twice a day. It is advised to keep the oil under the tongue without swallowing, for as long as possible, this allows for maximum absorption.


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